Sterling accuses football chiefs of taking the wrong steps to fight racism


Raheem Sterling

Manchester City faword, Raheem Sterling has accused football chiefs of taken the wrong approach to tackle the scourge of racism in football.

The England International in an article published on The Times wrote that the football’s current problem with racist behavior from fans was ‘nowhere near being sorted’ out.

In the article , Sterling said added that the game’s various governing bodies haven’t acted definitively enough to punish those responsible as well as levying sanctions against their clubs.

Sterling has scored 17 Premier League goals helping his side’s title duel with Liverpool, but has been targeted for racist abuse by supporters this season.

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“When I was a boy growing up in London, going to school and playing football, I didn’t know what racist abuse was because I never suffered any,

“So it seems crazy that, in 2019, I feel the need to write a piece in a newspaper calling for radical changes to the game that I love. But I do because the racism problem in football is so bad, runs so deep and is nowhere near being sorted.”

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“You will all have read about the various high-profile racist incidents in recent months

”The abuse I received playing for Manchester City away to Chelsea; the booing that the black England players were subjected to in Montenegro; the nastiness that Moise Kean of Juventus endured in Italy and the endless insults thrown at players on social media,Sterling said.


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