S*x helps women to exercise pelvic, reduce risk of urinary incontinence –Expert

S*x helps women
S*x helps women to exercise pelvic, reduce risk of urinary incontinence –Expert

A s**xual health educator, Dr. Opeyemi Adeyemi says good s*x helps women to exercise their pelvic region and therefore reduce risk of urinary incontinence.

Good s*x can also benefit the mental well-being of individuals and help reduce the risk of developing heart diseases.

Speaking in an interview with PUNCH HealthWise, Adeyemi said several studies have also confirmed this.

The expert noted that s*x helps to reduce the risk of having urinary incontinence because it is a pelvic floor exercise.

“S*x has various benefits and there are studies that have shown and proven this. 

“Good s*x can help you with your mental health. It has been shown that people who have s*x more often are happier because they are taking care of their bodies because that area of their lives is active. 

“S*x has been shown to help with heart diseases because it’s a form of exercise. Studies have shown that people who have sex two times a week are going to have a lower risk of having heart issues. 

“It also helps with urinary incontinence because it is a pelvic floor exercise. So, women with good s*x life would have reduced risk of having urinary incontinence because they are doing more pelvic floor exercise,” Adeyemi said.

The medical expert added that s*x has also shown to reduce menstrual cramps “because it’s a form of sexual exercise. So, the more this exercise, the more it reduces menstrual cramps.

“S*x does not damage the clitoris but it can lead to a urinary tract infection because the urethral opening is close to the vagina.”

According to her, untreated s*xually transmitted infections can lead to infection for the male urinary system and can put them at risk of conditions that lead to urinary incontinence.  

“Also, if you overly ma*sturbate, it can lead to soreness in the clitoris and erectile dysfunction. It’s a term been called ma*sturbation addiction. 

“Masturbation addiction can lead to depression because you are isolating yourself just to masturbate and that reduces interaction and s*xual pleasure outside masturbation.”

Adeyemi said “healthy s*x is when you are having good s*x more than two times in a week, for the right reasons and with the right person. This also means that you and your partner are clean (tested against STIs) and consented to the act. 

“S*x is healthy when you ensure that both partners are fine. Healthy s*x follows the rules of consent, is regular and STI free,” she said.

When asked if too much s*x is good, the s*x educator said there are no terms too much s*x “because it is very relative. For someone who has a high s*x drive, it might be seen as having a lot of s*x from the lens of someone who has a low s*x drive. 

“But there is a problem when it becomes an addiction which has a negative effect on both genders. But the term too much s*x is relative.

“Taking into account that there are people who have s*xual dysfunction and this could affect different phases of the s*xual cycle phase.

“For someone who has low libido which affects the desire phase mostly would have a low s*xual drive but for someone who naturally has high libido will have s*x more frequently (more than two times in a week)’” she said.

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