Breaking! Uk Police And DSS To Investigate Buhari Result


The State Services Department (DSS) and the London Metropolitan Police Service have obtained requests in the presidential election tribunal to explore President Muhammadu Buhari’s records.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the February 23, presidential election, Atiku Abubakar and his party had questioned the certificate.

Abba Kyari, Buhari’s chief of staff, had told the election tribunal that he obtained the president’s “assessment” documents from Cambridge University.

The separate petitions both dated August 14, 2019, and which were forwarded by a legal practitioner, Kalu Agu.

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The lawyer questioned the authenticity of the “certifying statement” said to have been obtained from the Cambridge Assessment International Education.

He asked the UK police and the DSS to probe the following: “Where did Mr. Abba Kyari get the certificate which he enclosed alongside his application form for the issuance of the said certifying statement which he claimed he procured from Cambridge Assessment International Education.

“Whether Mr Abba Kyari as an individual can apply for the said certifying statement not being an academic institution or an employer of the candidate.

“Whether the said certifying statement can be delivered to Mr Abba Kyari by hand as he claimed he signed and personally collected same by hand in the UK.

“Evidence of the said application and of the candidate’s authorisation to the Cambridge Assessment International Education for the release of the said certifying statement to Mr Abba Kyari.”

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He added that “in the circumstance that the certifying statement is found to be forged, it will be of great service to both Nigeria and the United Kingdom that Mr. Abba Kyari is arrested and arraigned in a court of competent jurisdiction for forgery.”

Atiku and PDP had in a 43-page final address filed by their lead counsel, Dr Levy Uzoukwu SAN, Atiku and PDP claimed to have established the fact that Buhari does not possess the requisite academic qualification for the position of President of Nigeria.

In Final address filed on August 14, the petitioners said even Buhari’s own witnesses under cross examination admitted to the fact that Buhari does not possess a school certificate, being the basic requirements for contesting for the office of the president.

“We therefore submit that all the purported evidence led by the 2nd respondent (Buhari) to prove that he attended a secondary school or a primary school or that he attended some courses, is irrelevant because he did not rely on any of those purported qualifications in exhibit P1, he relied on primary school certificate, WASC and Officer Cadet.

“Equally futile is his attempt to prove that he can speak and write in the English language. That is all irrelevant to his inability to produce his primary school certificate, secondary school certificate or WASC and his Officer Cadet qualification, whatever that means. Officer Cadet is not a qualification or certificate under the Constitution and Electoral Act; nor is it known to any law.

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On the purported Cambridge University certificate tendered by Buhari before the tribunal, the petitioners asked why, “it was easier for Buhari to go all the way to Cambridge in the United Kingdom to obtain a bogus documents that his own witnesses said was not a certificate, instead of just driving down the street in Abuja to the Army Headquarters or placing a phone call to the Secretary of the Military Board in Abuja to hurry over with his certificate or certificates.”

Still on the Cambridge University documents, the petitioners submitted that,

‘ similarity of the alleged Cambridge Assessment International Education Certification Statement of the alleged West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate and certified true copy of the alleged confidential result sheet for the Provincial Secondary School of the University of Cambridge West African School Certificate of 1961, Katsina reveals many differences in the alleged results.


  1. Buhari didn’t visit any school that is obvious and that so called kyari is an opportunist he should be arrested and thrown behind the bars I wonder what his family will look like since the head of the family vomits such lies

  2. Who told you that Atiku is a Nigerian. He has not answered Nnamdi Kanu since that time. If Buhari has no certificate, Atiku didn’t go to school at all. He should go and pay for his wickedness against the Nigeria state. When all we had were unpatriotic selfish leaders we heard since 1999 no one talked but now we are having patriotic leader, selfless leader men of darkness organisers of riots, kidnappers, thugs are commenting. PMB is the only leader that has shown that he love Nigerians

    • Comment:ask the so call patriotic leader where our ptf money is now that he’s d president and in position of authority. let him tell us how d money in his care disappeared. if you’re educated u will know both d people u complained about and bihari shouldn’t be holding political post especially ur so called patriotic one who’s uneducated and also encouraged his Fulani herdsmen to kill and maim Nigerians without lifting a hand.all his electoral promises are zero till date and high cost of living is evidence… if u say they’ve spoilt d country b4 which is always d excuses from stupid people people. let him tell us how our ptf money disappeared bcos I don’t know d meaning of patriotism

  3. If the qualification could be falsified then all culpable must go to prison as we are closing to zero tolerance in Nigeria

  4. U can’t compare GMB with Atiku. The difference is loudly clear. Atiku is a fake man that is hungry and looking for power by all means so that he and his cohorts can come and steal our money again after they have finished the one they stole during PDP regime. The man doesn’t have good thing to offer Nigerian than to come and loot our treasury and enrich his cohorts pockets. GMB is a straight forward man with clean hand & he has good intention for Nigerian but the fraudulent politicians are making things difficult for him day by day. May God Almighty help him to overcome all these problems that the enemies of Nigeria progress are creating for him. Every good citizen of Nigeria knows the type of person Atiku is, and the book of one of our fathers & former president of our good nation, Nigeria, Gen Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo( My Watch) also testified & confirmed the type of person Atiku is. Gen Obasanjo know Atiku Abubakar more than anybody else, Atiku was his vice for good 8years. Such a man should be kept away from all highest post in Nigeria. We are not praying for fraudulent, crook, criminal minded & dubious leader in Nigeria again. Atiku and his gang should stop fooling Nigerians. God Bless Nigeria.

  5. We all know that Buhari has no certificate, I wonder why our people are so daft that they are at this extent defending non certified buhari whereas, they are compelled to produce, even an M,Sc certificate before getting a security job in Nigeria. Why would this be a difficult issue to trash out that buhari has no certificate? Let’s get serious for once in this country, enough of these substandard leaders and presidents, pls.

  6. If PMB has no certificate and Atiku is not a Nigerian makes the equation to balance. This means they are both fraudulent and should be jailed and their wealth confiscated by the government for deceit over the years.

  7. Is certificate what Nigerians will eat? What are all these. In Ghana, we were told our President was a third class degree holder, was not handsome but has been able to deliver us free secondary school and every child goes to secondary school without paying anything. We now have planting for food and jobs and food is in abandunt. Our health insurance is now effective. Our economy is growing and creating jobs for the youth with his industrialisation policy of getting a factory in every district in Ghana. What is a certificate? Let’s channel our energies in discussing things that will develope our countries and Africa as a whole. God bless Africa

  8. Anybody talking of Buhari’s secondary school certificate is an educated illiterate, was ig toilet rolls that he used to enter NDA, we that passed through what was then known as HSC after secondary school knows that NDA CERTIFICATE/HSC/OND/CAMBRIDGE MODERATED/INT BACCAULERATE etc are equal in grading by the Federal Mjnjstry of Education, many of yoh who are writing rubbish are the ones whose secret ard coming oug at the NYSC camp now,

  9. Abubakar Atiku was decamped from Police training ground because he lacks the prerequsite requirements to enter the Police force, he subsequently found his way into the custom, entering the custom was easier than entering the Police and entering the Police was easier yhan entering the Army then.
    For Buhari that was born 4 years before Atiku to have entered the Army at one sitting and Atiku entered the custom after one Police ejection speaks volume..
    We know you all, agents of tribalism ethnic jingoists pagans who are calling yourselves Christians who are behind this , you will all be put to shame

  10. I believe Nigeria deserves better than either PMB or Atiku.
    I hope the court disqualifies both of them and orders fresh elections. Or declare the 2nd runner up as Winner. Who was the 2nd runner up BTW?

  11. I am not sure that Emmanuel is from Nigeria.. He is a he goat that chase after females goat.. He must be stupid for saying Atiku is not a Nigerian.. Can you please explain or narrate the story of Nigeria to me?

  12. @Augustine Boahen stop lying your country Ghana is ladened with corruption .Your president is now called clearing agent because he clears people who are implicated in corruption. Your free education is packed with problems and he is accused of not making adequate preparation before starting. PDS,AFRICAN CUP.AUSTRALIA VISA AND CASH FOR SEAT are just a few scandal rocking his govt. Not a single factory has been built in his one district one factory promise . No dam too in the one one village one dam.So don’t come here and lie.

  13. Buhari and atiku would never be compare d difference is very clear you cant
    compare light nd darknees may god Strenthen you pmb

  14. Don’t ever compare Nigeria and Ghana, pls, Nigeria is always better if you want to consider any indices! Though we have not been at our best but I know with little touch here and there we are good to go!

  15. Honestly speaking we Nigerians are so good in trying to prove i know more than you to each other but not one person can recommend a genuine solution to our present predicament what a shame to you all nagging at each other please help me and write about solutions to our problems

  16. The calamity of God will visit Atiku very soon.
    God willing President Buhari Will finish his tenure and his Vice Osibanjo would continue with their program.
    They Use Niger Delta Avengers,Ipob,Area Boys,Fulani Herdsmen and Sh’iia(IMN)just to bring Buhari down and God won’t allow it

  17. No comment here should be discounted. Truth is that the ordinary Nigerians are so divided that we can not unite to face these bunch of recycled “rulers” and place fresh “leaders” in place. GMB and MAA should be resting and be advising younger leaders in all ways.

  18. Nigeria has reached a point of no return so the solution to all these problems is to disamalgate Nigeria let everyone go their own way, manage themselves and have their own governments. Period.

  19. You don’t need to investigate any result, the best the World can to for Nigeria is to shut Atiku up and work towards Buharis
    All old politicians are a bunch of thieves as a result we need new breed politicians.
    I heard people saying the new breed lack experience, sure its an advantage because they won’t know how to easily loot, steal and go free

  20. Buhari is clean. I agree. But pls let him show integrity but telling us the truth about his results. And also tell us where Abba karia got the one his parading


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