UCL: Virgil van Dijk speaks on plans to stop Messi


Virgil van Dijk believes liverpool can win two trophies this season

Barca are on the way to their first Champions League final in four seasons after lifting the last trophy in 2015 and Virgil van Dijk says no idea to stop Messi.

Ernesto Valverde’s side have a strong opponent, Liverpool to eliminate although Virgil van Dijk says he has no idea how his team could be a mountain to the side who comfortably thrashed Manchester United out of the run.

Liverpool earned a free pass into the semi-final,after defeating Porto on 6-1 aggregate but they will face their biggest test of the campaign against a Blaugrana side that seems incapable of making a mistake at the present moment.

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‘I have no idea how we’re going to stop him,

‘We’ll see, we all have to do it as a team.

‘It should never be a case of one-against-one; it shouldn’t be me against a single opponent.

‘The only way to defend well is to do it as a unit, but it will be difficult because he is the best player in the world, Virgil van Dijk said when he was asked of what strategies are on ground to stop Lionel Messi from using their at his mercy as was the case of Manchester United.

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