We support online campaign in Ondo

We support online campaign in Ondo

A Ngo, the Vancouver, has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to implement the Ondo State guidelines on campaigns for governorship. This proposed online campaigns would track the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Speaking during the launch of a website: www.eyitayojedegeforgovernor.com, to support the candidacy of Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), its Outreach Coordinator, Philip Adebayo, said the website will reach out to Jegede’s supporters and voters to know about the candidate and support his ambition.

He said the ‘Eyitayo Jegede Campaign’ does not want to make the state a hotbed of COVID 19, adding that the group has decided to support the aspirant through the use of technology.

Adebayo said: “The website is also launched to reach out to Eyitayo Jegede teeming supporters and voters in Ondo State to know about the candidate and support his gubernatorial ambition.

We are persuaded that Jegede represents the best alternative to the state’s failed government that struggles to do business for citizens and repeatedly refuses to embark on programs that will support the people of the state.

This administration’s lack of success should not be shocking, as the administration said at the beginning that the previous administration had completed all the projects it wanted.

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“To us, that means unpreparedness of the governor for governance but seeking power for power’s sake. Jegede is not seeking just power but wants to use it to transform the state from the first day he is sworn-in the executive governor.

“The best feeling that the people of the state had for the present administration was when they voted for it. Of course, the state’s people wished the current administration succeeded because they want the state to thrive.

However, the high hopes which people had for the administration have turned to disappointment. The improvement in infrastructure that the administration promised has remained elusive.

Delivery of health care in state hospitals is monetized and out of citizen ‘s control. It goes exactly what the government has been working for.

The governor’s utterances and actions which have been noticeable across the state have led to more division and marginalisation. This tactic is a dangerous dimension that must be resisted and condemned.”

Jegede had shown integrity and loyalty by maintaining the PDP after losing the 2016 election, according to Philip.

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He said Jegede ‘s loyalty to the state and PDP remained unequivocal, adding that his commitment to reforming the state from the current situation was paramount in his view, making him the preferred alternative.

“That is why our group is throwing its support for Eyitayo Jegede during the PDP primaries and when he emerges as the PDP’s flag-bearer.

Eyitayo Jegede has a history in the private sector, giving him the expertise and capacity to turn the state from depending on federal allocations to creating a self-sustaining economy, given its wealth and human capital.

“Jegede will also make the state conducive for willing investors who create jobs for the state’s teeming population.

“The Vancouver Group will not sit on the fence, but will be heavily involved in the state’s governorship election. The people of Ondo State must use the upcoming governorship election to open their eyes and reject this current administration at the poll.

“ It is time to undo the mistake they made in 2016 and end this failed administration,” he said.

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