Reasons why Barca backed out from signing Jovic


why Barca backed out from signing Jovic

Reasons why Barca backed out from signing Jovic has been revealed.

Real Madrid today confirmed Luka Jovic has just joined the club after speculations he was linked with a move to Barça over the last few weeks and reports has it that one of the reasons is because the club turned down the deal.

It’s also said that he didn’t fit the profile of striker Barça were looking for. Another reason was due to the increasing cost of the transfer.

Jovic was watched on various occasions by the club’s scouts but the verdict was clear: he didn’t match the profile they were looking for. His price, considered excessive, didn’t help either. Those are the two main reasons behind Barça’s decision not to sign the Serbian striker.

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Braca’s scouts never said he lacked quality or didn’t have enormous potential, quite the opposite. In fact, Barça were first on the scene when the striker began to hit the ground running at Eintracht Frankfurt. Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid soon registered interest. The reports all concluded that Barça needed a different type of striker.

Jovic is seen as a pure ‘9’, a killer in the box similar to Luis Suarez, but that isn’t what the club wants from a new striker. What Barça want is a forward who can drift out wide and leave spaces for a main striker.

ZInedine Zidane wanted a natural striker, who would remain up top, something which can’t be said of Benzema who naturally drops back. Barça turned him down and Los Blancos decided the Serbian was the man they needed.

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Another major issue the rising cost of the transfer was. Madrid paid €60m plus another €5m in variables, the same deal offered to Barça.

Though it was an affordable sum of money, similar to what Valencia are asking for Rodrigo, Barça believe it is expensive for a striker who isn’t going to be a guaranteed starter next season. We’ve also seen how difficult it can be for new signings to fit in at the club.

These are reasons why Barca backed out from signing Jovic, despite being young with high potential.


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