Why Fulham sack Ranieri – Shahid Khan


Why Fulham sack Ranieri

Why Fulham sack Ranieri – Shahid Khan.

Fulham Chairman, Shahid Khan has given a detailed explanation on decision of the club to relieve Shahid Khan of his managerial position at the club.

Following our discussion this afternoon, Claudio Ranieri agreed to my decision that a change was in the best interest of everyone. No surprise to me, Claudio was a perfect gentleman, as always.

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“Claudio’s tenure at Fulham didn’t produce the outcome we anticipated and needed when I appointed him as manager in November, but be assured he is not solely to blame for the position we are in today.

“Claudio walked into a difficult situation, inheriting a side that gained only one point in its prior eight matches, and he provided an immediate boost by leading our club to nine points in his first eight matches as Manager.

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“Though we were unable to maintain that pace thereafter, I am grateful for his effort. Claudio leaves Fulham as our friend and he will undoubtedly experience success again soon.”


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