Why Igbo Man Should Be The Next President- Federal Lawmaker


Bede Eke, a representative representing Mbaise / Ngor-Okpalla Federal Constituency of the Imo State, said that the time had come for Igbo to hold the leadership position of the state.

He said that, in 2023, the presidency should be given to the South East in a spirit of justice, investigation and fair play.

Eke who addressed newsmen in Abuja over the weekend pointed out that the move will put an end to the clamouring for the Republic of Biafra under whatever guise by the people of the region.

He said, “On the continued agitations for South-East presidency in 2023, yes, we want it.

“I am of the opinion that we should be given a chance. Talk about the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Aguyi Ironsi; we have not been given a chance since the independence.

“We talk about three geopolitical zones in the country; Hausa, Yoruba have had their chances but what about the Igbo? Even if only the marginalisation we are crying, why don’t you give it to us?

“If we have the slot to be President of Nigeria, that’s going a long way. If you can send us the Nigerian Presidency, it will address the problem of people crying out for Biafra.

“We are all equal before God, no region or zone is superior to each other, we should be given a sense of belonging in the scheme of things, we have competent materials to occupy that position.”

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