Wife st*bbed husband to death for cheating on her (Video)



Daniel, has reportedly been st*bbed to death by his wife, at about 2:26 A.M, on Thursday, February 13th 2020.

Facebook user, Iykechukwu Ikechukwu shared videos from the scene of the incident, and has claimed the man never cheated on his wife and only preached “repentance” to her

He wrote; “My neighbor was stabbed by his wife, Rest in peace, best man…

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we do crack jokes everyday if we come back from work….chioo I will see you no more..”

Nobody should say anything about best man cheating, he is not a cheating type, yesterday he was preaching to his wife to repent but rather than repenting she killed him in the middle of the night…”

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Currently, we have not truly ascertained her reason for killing him but as investigation continues, we will bring more information as it unfolds.





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